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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed Rules

Learn Quran Online with Hafizquran.online that is providing online Quran Learning services equally suitable for kids and adults. Courses include Quran Learning with Tajweed rules, Quran Reading and Memorize Quran with Online Quran Teacher. Join our 1st Week Free Trial Quran Classes.

Basic Quran Learning

Our basic Quran Learning course includes Noorani Qaida and Quran Reading with basic Tajweed rules.

Memorize Quran

You will find us very experienced to help our students to Memorize Quran

Quran Translation

Understand Quran with meanings by translating it from Arabic to English/Urdu. This course requires you to be able to read Quran first.

Tajweed Rules

Reading Quran with Tajweed rules is important. This course will include all Tajweed rules like Ghunna,Ikhfa, Izhaar, etc..

Quran Learning was never been so Easy!

Learn Quran Online The Way Best for Kids and Adults. What do you think when you see a Qari reciting the Holy Quran in beautiful melodious voice? Would you like to learn Quran in that way?, Join us to start Quran Learning today. To get started with the Quran Learning program that has enlightened hearts of thousands of students all over the world with the noor of the Holy Quran, all you need is a computer with headphones and internet connection.

Advance Tajweed Learning Course

Learn Tajweed Rules

Tajweed rules means to recite every letter of the Quran correctly from its makhraj with all of its qualities. The importance of tajweed can’t be denied as reciting the Quran without tajweed will not only effect the beauty of the Quran but sometimes it can change the meaning of the Quran. For example: The word Qalb means “heart“. If instead of Qaaf, Kaaf is read the meaning changes to “dog“. The word “Rahim“ used for Allah, means ‘very merciful’. If instead of (ح (letter (ه (is read the meaning changes to “ thirsty camel“.

Quran Reading with Tajweed Rules - (100%)
Practice Tajweed rules with an Expert Teacher - (100%)
Understand and Memorize Tajweed Rules Easily - (100%)
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